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Good and efficient greasing of baking trays, pans and moulds is the basis for a good baking process. To obtain the best result, start your baking process with the bazz.150.

This high-quality machine evenly distributes a very fine film of release agent on various size trays, pans and moulds by means of special designed and adjustable spray guns.

Working with the bazz.150 means saving on product and working clean and efficient!

The bazz.150 is available both as stand-alone and in-line machine and offers you many advantages.

Products: release agent

bazz.150 machine

Exhaust unit with microfilter (Option)

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Spray hood
4 – 6 air mix spray guns

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Customized solutions:
Different positions of the spray guns are possible (e.g. 6 in a row, 2 rows of 3)

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Automatical conveyor
Trays, etc. are transported by 2 chains. The motor is thermally protected.

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Stepless adjustable guides
Trays, pans and moulds are supported by two adjustables guides.

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Collecting trays
Sliding collecting trays are attached to each side of the conveyor belt.

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Pressure vessel
This vessel is constantly under pressure to feed the spray guns.

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Key features

  • Perfect spray because of the unique spray guns and nozzles.
  • Substantial reduction of release agent because of efficient spray.
  • Amount of spray guns: 4 - 25.
  • Trays or pans per hour: 50 - 2500.
  • Working width: 400 - 1200 mm.
  • Easily movable.
  • Completely stainless steel.


Trays, pans or moulds placed on the conveyor belt will be supported by an adjustable guide and are automatically transported by 2 chains. The spray hood, which is installed over the conveyor belt, holds 4 – 25 adjustable spray guns.

The spray guns can be put manually – or on your request automatically – in position to obtain the best spraying results. Detection of the moulds is done by means of a proximity sensor.


Air pressure
90 PSI / 6 bar

3 x 400 VAC + Neutral + Ground, 50 Hz


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