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The bazz.400 is a quickly deployable industrial dosing machine for the fully automatic dosing of  tiger paste.

The bazz.400 is mounted on a C-frame to move it above an existing conveyor.

This way you create in a simple way a high-quality tiger paste dosing machine.

Product: tiger paste

bazz.400 machine

Easy to operate control panel

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Control panel for air and liquid pressure

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In height adjustable spray bridge

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bazz.400 machine

Key features

  • Fully automatic.
  • On C-frame, to move above conveyor.
  • In height adjustable spray bridge.
  • Amount of dosings can be adjusted by means of a counter.
  • Dosing heads can be taken off the manifold for easy cleaning.


Place the bazz.400 above a conveyor and place the suction tube into a mixing bowl with tiger paste. 

A membrane pump is installed under the frame to pump the tiger paste to the dosing heads.

The fully automatic production can start when the pump has sucked up enough product. 


Air pressure: 6 bar

Power: 3 x 480 VAC + N+ Ground / 60 Hz

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